Our Facilities

The Brighthouse

This is our 25-bed highly structured entry point for men. Services and programming are provided for clients along with room and meals. A hot dinner meal is prepared for clients on Monday through Friday and access to a full kitchen is available for other meals and on week-ends. On-site coin-operated laundry facilities are provided.

This facility is on a main bus route and within walking distance of downtown, the public library, Work One, and many other services. The cost of this program is $140 a week, with two weeks service fees due upon admission.

Hope Apartments

The Hope Apartments offer a safe and drug-free living environment for the men transitioning from the Ferry Street facility. The apartments also serve as the entry point for women to the program. It provides 44 beds with four clients in each furnished two-bedroom unit. Paper products and cleaning supplies are provided for each apartment, but clients must furnish and prepare their own meals.

On-site coin-operated laundry facilities are provided. The apartments are on a main bus route and are located about six blocks from our other facilities. Structure and accountability are stressed and all services and programming are provided. Men are transitioned to the apartments when they have stabilize in the Ferry Street programs, are paying on their service fees, and are on a solid path to recovery.